RESEARCH INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES: My research has focussed almost exclusively on understanding the hydrology of the Canadian Arctic, with a focus on snow, ice and permafrost. Research has considered both the hydrology of headwater basins and the hydrology of northern deltas. This multi-decadal research program has concentrated on the unique aspects of the hydrology of northern regions, including the influence of the severe climate and permafrost on the snow cover, energy and water fluxes over heterogeneous surfaces, snowmelt, melt metamorphism, runoff, evaporation, streamflow, river ice covers, and lake levels. My research program has aimed at improving our understanding of, and our ability to model, the hydrologic conditions in the cold regions, and has focused on applying these studies to the hydrology of Arctic watersheds and the Mackenzie Delta,and improving the physics of high resolution, physics based hydrologic models that are required for modelling the hydrology of northern areas. This research has contributed to various national and international research, including: the Mackenzie Global Energy and Water Cycle Program, International Polar Year, Changing Cold Regions Network, ArcticNet, NASA Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Program, Global Water Futures, and Northern Water Futures. Our research is also focused applying this research to better understand the potential impacts of climate change and resource development, on Arctic environments for the use of local communities and water managers from local communities, to territorial and federal governments, and to guide international policy makers.