RESEARCH INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES: My research has focussed almost exclusively on understanding the hydrology of the Canadian Arctic, with a focus on snow, ice and permafrost. Research has considered both the hydrology of headwater basins, and the hydrology of northern deltas. This long term research program has concentrated on the unique aspects of the hydrology of northern regions, including the influence of the severe climate and permafrost on the snow cover, energy and water fluxes over heterogeneous surfaces, snowmelt, melt metamorphism, runoff, evaporation, streamflow, river ice covers, and lake levels. This work has aimed at improving our understanding of, and our ability to model, the hydrologic conditions in the cold regions, and has focused on applying these studies to the hydrology of the Mackenzie and Peace-Athabasca Deltas, improving the physics of the linked hydrologic/atmospheric models required for modelling the large scale hydrology of northern areas (Canadian GEWEX Program and the Canadian Climate Network), and applying this work to better understand the potential impacts of climate change, and resource development, on Arctic environments.